Openbravo POS systen intregation with MySql

What is Openbravo POS?

Openbravo POS is the leading open source Point-of-Sale (POS) application for SMEs in the retail industry. It has been designed specifically for touch screens in a range of retail-based businesses, from restaurants, to grocery stores and specialized retailers to department stores. Openbravo POS can be configured to work in any Point-of-Sale environment, creating a feature-rich solution. Openbravo POS and Openbravo ERP can work separately or together depending on user needs.


  • Assist customers better by using intuitive forms to manage sales quickly and efficiently
  • Get closer to day-to-day business with up to date information for product sales, transactions, stock levels and more, all at your fingertips
  • Streamline customer sales and returns with rapid access to accurate product and purchase information in every terminal
  • Minimize the cost of a complex, full featured Point-of-Sale network by using an open source solution which is very easy to customize, runs on multiple computer platforms, and supports a large collection of POS hardware
  • Share the peace of mind of companies worldwide that have already deployed Openbravo POS and are benefiting from these powerful features
  • Because it was built with touch screens in mind, Openbravo POS is designed with particular focus on ease of use. This helps reducing the learning curve for operators while increasing their productivity, allowing staff to spend less time operating the Point-of-Sale and more time attending to customers.
  • Openbravo POS offers all the rich functionality demanded by leading retailers. Highly flexible features and a wide range of configuration possibilities allow businesses of every shape and size to adopt Openbravo POS easily.

Openbravo POS supports a wide list of POS hardware including:

  • Touch screens
  • Bar code scanners
  • Scales
  • Receipt printers (Epson TM88iV, Star, Ithaca…)
  • Customer displays (Epson LD110, L200…)
  • Cash drawers
  • Magnetic card readers

Open source

Openbravo POS is released under an open source license, with no hidden costs or ties to a particular vendor. This license ensures public access to source code and permissions to freely modify the source code with no usage fees.


Fully developed in Java, Openbravo POS is 100% platform independent and runs in Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

If you want to know more about Openbravo POS please click here.

Integration with MySql:


  • Openbravo POS
  • JDK
  • MySQL Connector/J JDBC driver for MySQL.
  • MySql Server


  • First installed JDK and MySql Server
  • Installed Openbravo POS


  • Open Openbravo POS
  • Enter with Administrator
  • Click configuration from left menu
  • Now configure Database
  • Driver Library: Browse MySql connector i.e. E:\mysql-connector-java-5.0.8\mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar
  • Driver class i.e. com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  • URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/dbname
  • User: MySql User
  • Password: MySql Password (If empty leave blank)
  • Click Save button and restart Openbravo POS system. Automatically MySql database will be created.

If any query don’t hesitate to inform me. I will try my best.


49 thoughts on “Openbravo POS systen intregation with MySql

  1. Is that all? Where is the terminal(say Magnetic card readers) attached? How the card from a super shop data will sent to Openbravo POS? Or Is Openbravo run in single matchine(no network support).

    Where is the connectivity tools and what are the connecting media?

    However, Seems to me straight forward configuration like Joomla what surely not. So let me know which part you found most tricky one?

  2. Hello Aminul Islam
    Thanks for your beautiful comments. Until i don’t try terminal but it will be same as other terminal integration system. Yes Openbravo POS run in single machine. But you may use same database from different machine. here you can download MySQL Connector/J JDBC driver for MySQL, this links for Openbravo POS download and here you found JDK.

  3. Hie Guys

    Am getting stuck a bit on the Mysl DB, am getting an error:

    Danger: Cannot Connect to database. Database not available.
    (And clicking Information reveals :
    Unknown database openbravopos-db)

    The URL jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openbravopos-db must point to an existing database called openbravopos-db on mysql server. Now, the slight problem i had is i had used the default hbsql in memory database setup which is setup by default the very first time you use the application. I know the solution somehow has to do with exporting my database from hbsql and recreating it and importing data to mysql

    Got a bit stuck here, could you help please

  4. GOT It guys, never mind

    Whats happening here is:

    When you run OpenBravoPos the first time you download the software without touching anything, it uses the HSqlDB in memory database, so on the first run DON’t fight it !!!!, it will alert you “There is No database etc, one will be created etc”. Simply select Yes for it to use the HSqlDB, DON’t worry at this stage, we just want it to run so that we will later click on the Configuration button and reconfigure it to use MYSQL database as pointed out by author above. After it has run, click the Conguration button, this will take you to a screen were you now redirect your application to use a MySQL database.
    Follow the configuration screen instructions as above author, The only trick is that the dbname you use MUST be an already existing database, so just create a New database in MySQL (on the mysql command line enter: create database openbravopos;) which will be simply empty, thats okay, because there are inbuilt scripts in the openbravopos\src-pos\com\openbravo\pos\scripts directory to create all the tables for you. ALso make sure the user you use in the configuration screen, is also an already existing user with rights to create database tables, i simply use root user here to avoid headaches.

    Click Save and Close down the WHOLE application and restart it. Please be aware that once you restart Openbravo POS, it will tell you that your database is empty and will offer you to create tables for your new database. Click the yes button to allow Openbravo POS to create the tables for you and VOILA !!!!

    Hope it helps

  5. Thank you so much to this website and most particulary, the last comment posted. You’ve sorted out my headache that I have had with this software for the last 7 days!!! thank you so much!!!

  6. hello, i have a little problem with ubuntu and openbravo pos. i got stuck when i tried to set up the mysql database with the mysql-administrator! could u please explain me how to do it???
    thanx ralf

  7. Hello!

    I’m getting the error with text: ‘near ‘CASCADE FROM TAXES ORDER BY NAME’ at line 1′, I think this is because the field name CASCADE is recognized as a reserved word for mysql, if somebody can help me I will send you a Corona beer from Mexico jeje.

  8. Ok, I had found the error. In the line 135 of the file there is a sql query: SELECT ID, NAME, CATEGORY, CUSTCATEGORY, PARENTID, RATE, CASCADE FROM TAXES ORDER BY NAME
    with the TAXES.CASCADE to instruct mySql to recognize CASCADE as the name of the field and no as a reserved word.
    Thanks anyway.

  9. If Openbravo POS can be only run on an single machine, but the database could be use in different machine. The Problem is can you change product price, add product in every computer that is connect to that database or just the main computer where the database is in.

  10. Hello Jay
    We may connect one openbravo database from different machine. We need just support remote database support. And also we can change product price and other data from different computer that are connected a single db. We don’t think where is my database, even it have no problem if database machine have no openbravopos installed.


  11. i use openbravoPOS on windows xp and it always alert cannot connect to database.

    Cannot connect to database. Database not available.

    Incorrect database name ‘openbravopos ‘

    jdbc installed and configured
    mysql database openbravopos created

    please help

    • Have you create database name ‘openbravopos ‘ before install Openbravo? Make sure your mysql server is ok. I think you something missing. I can give you remote support if you want. Please mail me at ‘’ and subject like ‘Openbravo remote support’. I will try my best for your solution.

      Thanks and Regards

  12. it’s error ‘com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1024 bytes’ now.

    here is detail

    warning: creation script not runnedsuccesfully

    com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1024 bytes

    com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1024 bytes

    my sql version is 5.0.15

  13. Hi, pls could you help us with this:

    we need to verify that it can not be possible to sell more products that there are in warehouse, for example: if there are 100 units of product a, and someone want to buy 110 units, the software must be send a message to the user showing that the transaction is out of existences.

    thanks for your help,


    • Hi Maria
      Until this feature dosent provide Openbravo company although its a basic requirement. Its a open source java software. So you may modify it. If you success please don’t forget to inform me. 😀 Currently i am not developing openvravo pos. If you feel interest to develop openvravo pos i will help you.

      Thanks and Regards

  14. Hi, Can anyone suggest me how to go about and what are the java files to change, if I have my own db (with tables created)to work on Mysql for Openbravo POS?

  15. Hello,
    I install openbravo with Mysql and work perfect. My problem is that in my tests i install a lot of products with photos (around 500) and now I want to transfer only products in working PC. Is it possible???. Or is possible to clear trasactions that I create in tests ??? Sorry for my bad English.

  16. hi friends i am zumry from srilanka. i am now developing openbravo pos according to my client’s wish . and i am trying to remove touch screen mode and i want to make this for normal computers ?? how can i do this can some one give me idea ?i will really appreciate it?..

  17. Hi friends,
    can anybody tell me how to get to the payments screen where all those currency image is shown? i’ve seen it before , but somehow i can’t find it.

  18. can some one help me

    i have install openbravo pos 2.30 on windows XP with touchscreen. every think is working. at firt time i start the openbravo pos he ask me to creat a db i do it. i have create the user configer my products and so ….

    but i need help the openbravo pos is the shop but i like to get conection to the computer who is in the shop from my computer in my office. how can i do that?

    please help me!!!!!!

  19. Has anyone thought about ways to import data automatically from a wordpress Ecomm site into the open bravo POS? also would be good to have a CRM solution at the hub of it all so data can either be input via POS or by a customer making an order at a website. look forward to any comments!


  20. Can someone explain why we need Java Development Kit (JDK)? Isn’t Java (JRE) sufficient to run the MySQL JDBC Connector?
    As per my understanding, JDK would be required only if we need to compile a java code. Here we are only running Java program. The standards Java JRE that comes with Windows should be sufficient for that purpose.

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  22. I am taking a programming internship and one of the pojects I need to learn is to use Openbravo POS for restaurant system installations.

    I have downloaded openbravopos, mysql server, and jdk. all is installed on my computer and I have followed the authors directions on how to configure openbravopos.

    however, each time I open up the program it tells me that it cannot connect to the databse because the database driver is not found.

    Im guessing it has something to do with configuring and creating an openbravo database in mysql?

    however, unfortunately im not sure how to use mysql or at least how to navigate through in order to do such tasks. please email me back at

  23. hello please help me…i’m new to openbravo…do i need hardware like barcode scanner or something to sell items…cannot i enter the product code and get items on sale?

  24. Hello
    I would like to Use Openbravo for my Grocery shop with aroun 900 Items. Now i have the data’s in excel sheet. Can i import to Openbravo than feeding one by one..

    Is there any way i could do by importing the file…

    Thanks for your feedback.

  25. Can u plz tell me Openbravo is core java based system or advance java based system.And if it covers advance java topics then can u plz list me out some…

  26. Thank you, I’ve just been looking for info about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have discovered till now. However, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you certain concerning the source?

  27. Hi,
    Can anybody provide the data model script of Open Bravo POS?
    How can i get its source code and which tool would be used?

  28. how can i get its data model script?
    and how can i get its complete source and which tool would be used?
    Eclipse or some others?

  29. Dear Admin,

    I have a peculiar problem, I am listing down where i am stuck, pls help me out…

    1. I have a windows box running on Windows XP Pro SP 3
    2. I have installed OpenBravo POS 2.30.1 on the windows box

    –Downloaded Postgresql and installed on the system
    –Downloaded & Installed the latest version of Java on the machine
    –Downloaded OpenBravo POS and installed on the machine
    –Created a blank DB on Postgres with the name “openbravopos”
    –Installed the JDBC connector
    –OpenBravo POS working fine on the machine as a standalone
    –Downloaded the OpenBravo POS PDA Module
    –When I run the PDA Module and try connecting from an Android Device it does not connect
    –Error shows as username or password incorrect… I have not given a password for any user on my openbravo POS
    –On the CMD screen of the PDA Module, every time I try to connect through an Android Device, a lot of activity can be seen… But it does not connect.

    Can you pls suggest a solution to my problem?

    Thanks in advance


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