How to active curl on xampp

Your xampp installation most likely already has curl support built-in. You just have to turn it on. It’s not difficult at all.  That’s not necessary for Windows versions of PHP.

Find your php.ini file (probably in xampp\apache\bin\php.ini and open it in notepad or another plain text editor

search for the line that says:

remove the semicolon from the beginning of the line.

save the file

restart apache

check a phpinfo() program to see if you now have curl support listed.

In a standard xampp build, this is all you have to do. If you installed apache and PHP in another way, you might need to move some dlls to the windows\system directory.
(libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll)

Best of luck to you.


OpenposbravoPOS Build from open source file

Few days ago I have discussed Openbravo POS systen intregation with MySql. Today I will discuss How to built OpenbravoPOS after modification logo, image etc.





  • First we have to need environment variable configuration
  • Go to System properties
  • Select Advanced
  • Click Environment variables from bottom
  • First create a User variable. Variable name: JAVA_HOME and Variable value: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_07 its depends upon your jdk installation directory and click ok.
  • Now we go System variables part. Select variable name Path and click Edit button. Add at the end of line ;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_07\bin;D:\openbravopos\apache-ant-1.7.1-bin\apache-ant-1.7.1\bin
  • C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_07\bin its depends upon your jdk installation directory.
  • D:\openbravopos\apache-ant-1.7.1-bin\apache-ant-1.7.1\bin its depends upon your Apache ant directory where you extract Apache ant .

User Variable

System Variable



Build process:

  • Go to run from start menu, type cmd and click ok button.
  • Go to your Openbravopos directory. Suppose your Openbravopos source directory is d: now type command prompt like this E:\Openbravo POS\openbravopos_2.20_src
  • Now type ant and press Enter for check Apache ant working or not. If any problem then you will get an error or pos build will be successful. If successful then go to your Openbravopos directory/ build/dist folder and unzip like this zip file.
  • Open your extract folder and click start.bat file. If you want default database configuration then click ok or click cancel and configure as your wish.

Openbravo POS systen intregation with MySql

What is Openbravo POS?

Openbravo POS is the leading open source Point-of-Sale (POS) application for SMEs in the retail industry. It has been designed specifically for touch screens in a range of retail-based businesses, from restaurants, to grocery stores and specialized retailers to department stores. Openbravo POS can be configured to work in any Point-of-Sale environment, creating a feature-rich solution. Openbravo POS and Openbravo ERP can work separately or together depending on user needs.


  • Assist customers better by using intuitive forms to manage sales quickly and efficiently
  • Get closer to day-to-day business with up to date information for product sales, transactions, stock levels and more, all at your fingertips
  • Streamline customer sales and returns with rapid access to accurate product and purchase information in every terminal
  • Minimize the cost of a complex, full featured Point-of-Sale network by using an open source solution which is very easy to customize, runs on multiple computer platforms, and supports a large collection of POS hardware
  • Share the peace of mind of companies worldwide that have already deployed Openbravo POS and are benefiting from these powerful features
  • Because it was built with touch screens in mind, Openbravo POS is designed with particular focus on ease of use. This helps reducing the learning curve for operators while increasing their productivity, allowing staff to spend less time operating the Point-of-Sale and more time attending to customers.
  • Openbravo POS offers all the rich functionality demanded by leading retailers. Highly flexible features and a wide range of configuration possibilities allow businesses of every shape and size to adopt Openbravo POS easily.

Openbravo POS supports a wide list of POS hardware including:

  • Touch screens
  • Bar code scanners
  • Scales
  • Receipt printers (Epson TM88iV, Star, Ithaca…)
  • Customer displays (Epson LD110, L200…)
  • Cash drawers
  • Magnetic card readers

Open source

Openbravo POS is released under an open source license, with no hidden costs or ties to a particular vendor. This license ensures public access to source code and permissions to freely modify the source code with no usage fees.


Fully developed in Java, Openbravo POS is 100% platform independent and runs in Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

If you want to know more about Openbravo POS please click here.

Integration with MySql:


  • Openbravo POS
  • JDK
  • MySQL Connector/J JDBC driver for MySQL.
  • MySql Server


  • First installed JDK and MySql Server
  • Installed Openbravo POS


  • Open Openbravo POS
  • Enter with Administrator
  • Click configuration from left menu
  • Now configure Database
  • Driver Library: Browse MySql connector i.e. E:\mysql-connector-java-5.0.8\mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar
  • Driver class i.e. com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  • URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/dbname
  • User: MySql User
  • Password: MySql Password (If empty leave blank)
  • Click Save button and restart Openbravo POS system. Automatically MySql database will be created.

If any query don’t hesitate to inform me. I will try my best.

Future Web Technologies

What can we expect from the next few years on the Web? Now we are happy into the current aera of the Web, commonly referred to as Web 2.0. Features of this phase of the Web include search, social networks, online media (music, video, etc), content aggregation and syndication (RSS), mashups (APIs), and much more. Currently the Web is still mostly accessed via a PC, but we are starting to see more Web excitement from mobile devices (e.g. iPhone) and television sets (e.g. XBox Live 360). I described here some of them in bellow.

When will the Semantic Web arrive? Some companies are actively trying to implement the Semantic Web. Semantic Web has been The Next Big Thing for a long time now. Indeed it’s become almost mythical, like Moby Dick. In a nutshell, the Semantic Web is about machines talking to machines. It’s about making the Web more ‘intelligent’ computers “analyzing all the data on the Web ‚the content, links, and transactions between people and computers.” So we are getting close, but we are probably a few years off still before the big promise of the Semantic Web is fulfilled.

Mobile Web is another Next Big Thing on slow boil. It’s already big in parts of Asia and Europe. In few years time there will be many more location-aware services available via mobile devices; such as getting personalized shopping offers as you walk through your local mall, or getting map directions while driving your car, or hooking up with your friends on a Friday night. But one of the main issues with Mobile Web has always been usability. So some mobile companies will probably be seen in few years time as the breakthrough Mobile Web device.

Major web sites are going to be transformed into web services – and will effectively expose their information to the world. Such transformations are never smooth – e.g. scalability is a big issue and legal aspects are never simple. But it is not a question of if web sites become web services, but when and how. Some web sites will offer their information via a REST API. The net effect will be that unstructured information will give way to structured information – paving the road to more intelligent computing.

This kind of technology has commercial applications today, as companies like Intelliseek are trying to provide users with business intelligence over the Web, including mining corporate Web sites for competitive intelligence information, such as lists of customer names. Some serious computer scientists, although cautious about the promise of the Semantic Web, are ultimately optimistic that it will be everything developers are hoping for — an online source for all of the knowledge that humanity has created in science, business and the arts.

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