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Hi, you can contact me at the following email address
or using the following feedback form.

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23 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. hello.
    tanks for your article about excel.
    i have a question about set color and size of cells .
    please help me.
    my email is
    tanke you.

  2. hi, boss! u r great and ur website is excellent. i really enjoy it. but it will be better if u include more jokes and make ur site able to hold songs. thank u.

  3. hi,how r u? today i wanna to browse on of ur created sithes which name is but i face some problem may be font related, but some portion i read ,rest of the site i cant decipher,what types of font need to install to see this sites properly……..

    with best regards……….

    kazi opel

  4. Hi Kazi Opel
    Those website i have used Boishakhi font from Alpona Bangla Software. Alpona is a copyrighted software. Boishakhi i have used as an embedded font. This only supported by IE and if you want to see those type of site with any other browser you must have to copy Boishakhai font. Bangarashtra was my first Bangla site and this was challenge for me. If you want to know more about this contact with me by cell phone. Thanks and Regards

    S.M. Saidur Rahman (Rana)

  5. Dear Sir, I am a student of law. I visit the email (clcbd). There i found a lot of cases. In this time, I want to your help on the ground that, I need a case from that. It is too important for me. Plesae Sir if the case send in my email it was help me very much.
    I hope you send me as soon as possible. Thanks
    E mail:
    Case: Kudrat-E-Elahi Panir Vs. Bangladesh 44DLR 319, 19BLD (1999) 488

  6. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  7. assist me in adding the column “unit” in the customer diary units being the sum of ticketlables i have amends to the file customerdiary files using iReport and netbeans but i am encountering errors.

    error message: you have any error in your SQL syntax check the manual that corresponds to your mysql server version for the right syntax to use near “From…..
    i am using mysql 5.1 openbravo 2.3 java1.6

    pls help


  8. i have been trying to figure out how to post on openbravoforge and cannot. having a blonde day i think.

    so i found your site. i am hoping you can help.

    i need to run a sql query in a script ticket.setline to change stock levels directly in the sql database. there is no recipe functionality in openbravo pos as yet and opentpv has some serious issues.

    please help



  9. Hello,
    Maybe you can help me with this issue?

    I am trying to connect to a remote mysql db.
    I have a shared hosting service.

    I created with CPanel a MySql db called openbravopos.
    In Cpanel I also created a list of hosts. (Since I don’t have a static IP I subscribed to No-IP, a dns service provider, and entered the managed hosts name I was given)

    In openbravo:

    1. I set the path to the jdbc located on my machine
    2. in driver class I entered: “com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”
    3. in the URL field I entered: “jdbc:mysql://”
    4. In user and pass the username and the password of the db I created in my domain with CPanel.
    5. I saved the settings exited and relaunched.

    When I start openbravo I get the following Database manager message:
    Danger: Cannot connect to database. Database not available.”

    Great Blog, Thanks a million


  10. hello!i need your help mate for joomla!i want when a user loggin and submit an article to show more fields!can you help me please…?

  11. Hi,

    Congratulations for your work!

    I installed mod_psquotes and it works great. It would be nice if it could show only one quotation out of 5 randomly, maybe 5 would not be enough with this new functionality… Then how can I change the background color? You can see it with only one quote on (French, I’m from Geneva, Switzerland).

    Thanks and best regards.


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