Almighty blessed me with so many good friends from school days to professional life. Ashik, Yusuf, Ansar, Mizan, Mamun, Sahid, Mohid,Lipu,Ripon, Moni, Mahmud were my best friends in school. Besides I had very good relation with Ashik (Deputy Manager), Mizan (now banker), Yusuf (Now Accountant), Arif Bin Forhad (Wed Developer).

In my college my best friends were Pronob, Debasis, Suzan, Tapan and so on.

In my University best friend were Ratno, Babu, Mamun, Tuhin, Evana, Zamil, Murad, Rabi and so on.

My others best friend thats come from different environment such as Wayes, Arif, Sujan, Nurul, Sajib, Arafat, Shaifiq, Reza, Shagar, Nazmul, Pallab, Yasir Arafat, Saiful, Asfaq, Faruk, Arif Hossain, Mahfuz, Kamal and so on.

Personally i am a married person. I realize life is so beautiful after got married. My wife has so beautiful mind that i want from my heart. Thanks Allah that he gives me like that person as my life partner. Everybody pray for us…..

My dear friends, if I miss to include you in this page, please forgive me. I am in the process of development of this page. Very soon, I am going to include you.

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